Air and smoke sensor 4.99 €/month

Air and smoke
4.99 €/month


Take care of the well-being and safety at home and at work

LMT Elpo – an air and smoke sensor created in Latvia

Track air quality measurements in an iOS or Android app

Receive a message if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in the rooms

Easily monitor indoor air changes

Receive real-time messages even when there is no electricity – the sensors function without a router

Invisible becomes visible in the LMT Sensors app

Add an unlimited number of monitored devices and get easy-to-read information about air quality in your home, office and other rooms.

  • Volatile organic substances in the air
  • Humidity in the room
  • Temperature fluctuations

Wide application

Indoor fire safety
We cannot be in two places at the same time, but the latest technologies allow us to remotely monitor fire safety in our property – a summer house, warehouse or garage.
Living room
Stale, dry or too humid air in the living room can cause unnecessary strain on the body and reduce general well-being. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, providing comfortable conditions!
Employee well-being
Create better working conditions for your colleagues and an indoor microclimate that is beneficial for health and productivity.
Air quality in the bedroom is one of the most important prerequisites for healthy sleep, so that the body can relax and recharge for a new day. LMT Elpo will help to maintain a perfect climate to sleep really well, not just sleep.
Poor air quality can make you feel sleepy. At a time when our daily lives are so dynamic, improve your ability to focus, be productive and feel comfortable with LMT Elpo!
Living room
Employee well-being
Indoor fire safety

Air is the basis of everything

High-quality sleep not only restores energy. It helps to think more clearly and improves the body' s immunity and physical endurance. LMT Elpo will always inform you about changes in temperature and air quality so that you can prepare and maintain the most suitable environment for a good night's sleep.
Improve your productivity and ability to concentrate by creating a healthy work environment! Proper air circulation in the room not only provides the brain with oxygen, but also helps to prevent headaches, dry eyes and fatigue.
Oxygen is a cornerstone of human health. Prolonged exposure to poor air quality can not only cause headaches, fatigue, drowsiness and irritability, but also lower immunity and cause various allergies or asthma. LMT Elpo will help to ensure a healthy environment by monitoring the quality of sleep.
Comfort can be easily described by what we feel or can see. But invisible factors also play a role. LMT Elpo indoor air quality monitor will indicate the factors that cause excessive stress to the body. The sensor detects 8 different types of gas, air temperature and humidity in the room that we do not see but feel.

Air quality index (IAQ)

LMT Elpo measures air quality by summing up the most important parametres and displaying them in an easily understandable way.

Volatile organic compounds

The sensor warns of the presence of tobacco smoke, paints, adhesives, glues and other toxic substances that are dangerous to health


Learn about changes in humidity in the room that can have adverse effects on respiratory health

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

CO2 amount is taken into account when analyzing the overall state of air quality (sensor doesn't detect a specific amount of CO2 particles in the air)


Elpo will maintain a constant temperature in the room so that your body is comfortable without trying to adapt to temperature fluctuations

Security concerns

As soon as the sensor detects the presence of smoke or poisonous gases in the room, you will receive an alert so that you can react quickly and call the State Fire and Rescue Service. If we are unable to contact you, the app will send you an info message to the contact you've specified.

Let nothing go unnoticed

In case of an alarm, LMT Elpo will send a real-time message to your phone, as well as turn on the alarm signal on other home sensors.

LMT Elpo provides a unique warning system

When the sensor detects a dangerous situation, you'll receive an alert on your smartphone, wherever you are. If you do not respond within one minute, other contacts you've chosen (family members, friends, neighbours, etc.) will also receive an alert message.


Elpo sensor activates in your home

LMT receives an alarm message

Data is being processed and an alarm message is sent to you

You don't react within 60 seconds

After 60 seconds a neighbour receives an alarm message

At the same time, also the brother receives an alarm message

The brother makes sure of the causes of the alert and eliminates them

Install LMT Elpo simply and quickly

The sensor is directly connected to the LMT base station – no internet connection is required

LMT Elpo operates in the coverage area of the LMT network

The sensor runs on batteries

Please note!

After activating the device, the sensors are calibrating automatically.
It may take 24–48h. Measurements may be inaccurate during this time.

from 0 to 100%
from 0 to +40°C
Carbon monoxide (CO)
from 0 to 300 ppm
Air quality index (temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds)
from 0 to 500
Proprietary wireless protocol
for interconnection of Elpo devices

Questions and answers

I already have a smoke detector at home – can I get rid of it?
Elpo is the latest generation sensor equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, air quality, temperature and humidity sensors. In addition, the Elpo sensor informs about dangerous situations not only with a sound signal, but also by sending text messages and notifications in the app. If you want to remotely monitor indoor air quality and receive notifications about smoke or CO threats, we recommend you to choose the LMT Elpo sensor. Whereas you can place the existing device in a room that is not yet equipped with a smoke detector.
Why do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee when I can buy a sensor for a single fee?
Our service provides much more options, security and comfort.
- The LMT Elpo sensor is the only device on the market that functions on the LMT IoT network, allows remote monitoring of indoor air quality and helps to prevent accidents (unlike other devices that require a Wi-Fi connection).
- The LMT Elpo sensor also functions in case of power failure.
- The LMT Elpo sensor can be easily installed and managed in the app.
- As soon as the LMT Elpo sensor detects the presence of smoke or poisonous gas in the room, you will receive an alert message in the app and a text message on your phone, so that you can respond promptly and call the fire-fighting service. If you are not reachable within 60 seconds after activating the alarm, your selected contacts will also receive an alert message.
- And finally – the LMT Elpo sensor monitors the air quality at home also remotely.
What should I do if I entered the wrong phone number when adding a contact?
You need to delete the contact from the app and add it again.
Can I specify a contact person already at the time of signing the contract?
Contacts can only be specified in the LMT Sensor app.
What should I do if I want to change the sensor manager, e.g., I want my grandma to monitor her sensor?
The actual user can be specified at the time of purchase of the service. If you need to change it later, you can do in My LMT or in any LMT Customer Centre.
Will the sensor function if I don't connect it to my phone?
Yes, the sensor will function, but you need to install the LMT Sensor app to manage it.
Should I pair the sensor with Bluetooth on the phone?
No, you shouldn’t. The sensor sends data via the mobile network.
Does LMT provides sensor battery replacement after a year?
No, the customer needs to purchase new batteries by himself/herself.
What to do in a situation where the sensor burns out while performing its duties?
Such cases will be considered individually.
Does LMT Elpo shows a specific amount of CO2 particles in the air?
No, LMT Elpo informs about the overall state of air quality without disaggregating the amount of a specific gas. The measurement result is displayed as an air quality index in the form of an easy-to-understand traffic light: green (good level), yellow (medium level, additional actions required, e.g. ventilation), red (bad, dangerous level).
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